Friday, 10 May 2013

Travel Dreams - Blog Every Day in May.

It's no secret that I enjoy a bit of travelling, I can easily spend hours day dreaming about where I'd like to go and places I've already enjoyed visiting.

My first holiday abroad was before I could even remember  so I don't have any fear of flying, ferries or trains... my biggest fear is that in the future I won't be able to travel any more with a little one in tow! (Not that I've travelled all that far in recent years.) 

Last year I managed to get to Brussels and the year before that I enjoyed a few days in Amsterdam, both cities were lovely.  I might be one of those weird people who love city breaks and I keep pondering how I'd manage to swing a tour of Europe. Maybe start in the north and work my way down to Barcelona or Madrid....  Then again I've heard great things about Germany and I'd love to see St Petersburg and Moscow after learning about the 1917 revolution as a teen.

The foodie part of me would also love to visit Mexico, India, China and Thailand to sample my favourite foods in their countries of origin, although the realistic part of me things I would melt. 
The realist in me also pipes up about the heat when I consider visiting the pyramids in Egypt or going belly dancing in Turkey... why don't you go to Italy and see the Colosseum and Pompei instead it suggests?  How about Australia? You could see a Kola or a Kangaroo...

I'd also like to revisit America one day, see a bit more of New York and maybe have a road trip from there to San Francisco... obviously this is a dream as Paul would never consent to that but in an ideal world we'd hire a Winnebago and hit the road.

Another place I'd love to go is Iceland to see the Geysers, bathe in hot springs, watch whales and admire the northern lights whilst looking out for Bjork. I also hear that they've started doing All Tomorrow's Parties in Iceland too... So basically I have a few travel dreams, I even went so far as to make this (very embarrassing) video a few years ago to try to win a travel internship with STA travel...
The job was to travel round the world for six months, make and upload videos about the travels to encourage others to do the same. I thought that a bit of humiliation would be worth it to see the world! (Paul was quite glad I didn't get it and run to the other side of the globe.)

So those are a few of my travel dreams, what are yours?

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