Friday, 3 May 2013

A day in the life - Blog Everyday in May.

Most days at the moment start the same way with my boyfriend bringing me a cup of tea in bed to have with my ginger nut biscuits.

This is usually followed by Tuxedo miaowing a hello & jumping on the bed for a stroke.

Then a bowl of cereal is delivered & I'm ordered into my bubble bath. It's a hard life! After that I get ready singing along to my boyfriend's Nirvana & Stone Roses alarms before herding Frankenstein in from daydreaming in the garden. Silly cat! This is followed by dashing around grabbing coats & jackets then heading for the bus with Paul & off to work. Then after getting off the bus I walked Paul to work and up Barkers pool where I saw this...

Shortly after passing John Lewis & walking up Division Street I got to work and due to my job dealing with customer information I couldn't take any pictures of my work... It was mainly spent answering emails today. Here's a picture of the view out of one of the windows instead!

A few hours later I went out for my lunch and ventured down Division Street again and on to the continental market on Fargate.

I was treated to a curry by my paramour, when I ate that I had to head back for my afternoon's work. Here's a picture of some stairs at my work...

After vetting and writing more emails and a chat with my new team leader I left work at twenty five past five to met my Mum and sister up for tea at Platillos.

We had some food but we ate it... This was followed by meeting Andy to watch a couple of bands to celebrate Mum's birthday. The first were called Renegade Brass band.

They were a mix of ska and hip hop. We mainly liked the bits without the rapping best.

The Apples headline band The Apples were the main event though.

Even if they were a bit Jazz funk at times... However we'd started to flag at that point and decided to head home after a quick drink at the Brown Bear on the way back.
So that was my 3rd May how was yours?

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