Thursday, 9 May 2013

Favourite Social Media Channel - Blog Every Day in May.

Choosing a favourite social media channel is a difficult thing and can leave you wanting to have a snooze on your computer chair!
Many people seem to use Instagram for posting pictures of their food...
...or so I've heard but I mainly use it as my phone won't let me up load pictures to Facebook normally but for some reason it will thought my Instagram ap, which has the added bonus of improving my pictures slightly.  I do find that on most days my default social media channel is Facebook as I have an ap on my phone I can consult when I'm on the bus or waiting for the kettle to boil.  I also find it quite useful for finding out about gigs, roller derby bouts and keeping in touch with friends. Half the time at the moment it does appear filled with Doctor Who related pictures and memes though.

I've been on twitter for less time than I've been on Facebook and it is less easy to access on my phone but I do enjoy the onion's tweets, finding out about things going on in Sheffield and watching the shock waves of current events ripple across it.  It's a weird social media channel I have gone to events because of it like the Appetite Sheffield Events but I can also go days or weeks without thinking about it.

Or maybe this is what distracts me from twitter?
When I started to think about social media channels I also thought back to when I started out on Livejournal and Bowlie before progressing to MSN and Myspace, then abandoning it for Facebook.... it's funny but without Myspace I wouldn't have booked two of the acts that played my 21st birthday party!
The Lovers - the headliners I booked for my 21st.

It all seems quite laughable now and I think that we'll probably look back on Facebook and their ilk in the same way.  Still I do enjoy catching up with friends on Facebook where I might miss them on twitter, as well as the endless possibilities for procrastination that twitter presents. (This is probably why I don't delve into it too often!) In short why decide which is your favourite social media channel you may as well embrace them all!


  1. Facebook's good for a stalk but Twitter is definitely where the entertaining at! Check my blog out and maybe give me a follow back :)


  2. I think both can be good for promoting blogs but my phone can be a bit rubbish with twitter so I some times miss the best tweets. I expect to become a twitter addict when I upgrade to a better phone! Will check out your blog now. :) C.xx