Sunday, 12 May 2013

Collecting - Blog Everyday in May.

I don't know why but I have got into my head that a collection is when you have three or more of something.  If that's the definition of a collection then I have a few collections and my criticism of someone showing me their sword collection, which consisted of one sword still stands...  I seem to have accumulated a fair few shoes, badges, baking goods and cookbooks.

The two things I seem to have accumulated the most of are cds....

...and of course books!

 I sometimes wonder if I'm a hoarder but I then again there are a few things I actively collect like the Walking Dead graphic novels.

As well as band t-shirts, roller derby bout programmes for bouts I've seen and pieces of fabric I am sure I'll make something with one day.  They may not be the most conventional of collections but they're my collections and I think they are one of those things that make up a little part of who I am.

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