Monday, 19 May 2014

Movie Monday: Frank.

So once more I decided to venture back to Kino Bambino with Dylan to see the film Frank and to be honest before seeing it I didn't know much about it.  Normally when I think about the name Frank I think about Frank the bunny from Donnie Darko.
It wasn't about some creepy person wearing a weird bunny suit and destiny though... this was about a man wearing a weird fake head and music.

Well it started off with a ginger guy trying to come up with songs and tweeting in a seaside town if I'm honest. You don't meet Frank until a bit later but it does help you to see the film through an outsiders eyes.  It goes from the mundane to the sublime/ridiculous and a few places in between.

I think that this is one of those films that everyone will interpret differently. I quite liked it in that it shows the struggles people face to create, I enjoyed some of the music and farcical elements but a few bits were quite uncomfortable. Dylan seemed to like the music and watching some of it but a baby isn't really the target audience here...

I would definitely recommend this if you've ever struggled to create whether it be music or writing as it explores the idea that creative people are all mentally ill pretty well.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Things I have been doing when I haven't been blogging...

Unfortunately I haven't managed to find half the time to blog, do or watch things to blog about as I had previously expected. I guess I had high hopes that my small fur-less overlord may have 3 hour naps in the middle of the day for me to get things done in. This mysteriously is not the case.

So in case you are wondering, these are a few things I've been doing when I haven't been blogging....

Baby wrangling/caring for/ entertaining. This has turned out to be quite time consuming and I've only managed to write with the small one strapped to me that one time. I managed over 200 words on the first novel. (I may finish it yet!)

Giving in to my social media addiction and spending far too much time on Facebook on my phone. Sometimes I enjoy it and other times it infuriates me, so I think that I need to spend a few days away from it.

Ferrying Tuxedo the cat to the vets and pet hospital. This is a recent one and an expensive way to spend time. I do not recommend it as he miaows very loudly!

Compiling a mental list of things I should do and then forgetting to do them...

Twiddling with the ending of my first novel attempt. This has happened roughly once but I still live in the hope that I might get to finish one or two novels I've started one day. Preferably before I return to work.

Dreaming of a proper night out with food and drinking... as well as a holiday abroad, going belly dancing or to a gig again. I think at least one of these should happen in the near future!

Getting acquainted with Mr Holmes, aka Sherlock Holmes through the television series and a paperback I picked up at Sharrowvale market a few weeks back. I've managed about three stories from the Casebook of Sherlock Holmes. These are a little different from Jeanette Winterson's book Stone Gods but interesting none the less.

Making a few more trips to the garage than I'd like to have my tire repaired... this is another work in progress.

I've also had a few trips to my home town to see my relatives, a visit to my sister in Nottingham, lunches with friends, my first trip to Our Cow Molly and my first beer festival experience as well.

All in all I guess I've been a tad busy but you know what they say... no rest for the wicked!