Friday, 12 September 2014

A little baking...

So I decided to make a few blueberry muffins last week because the baby likes blueberries and I like cake... what more excuse do I need?
Unfortunately I only thought to take a picture of them when I had already eaten most of them. So this was one of the last remaining ones which I've now eaten. It was good.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Monday Movie: Saftey Not Guaranteed.

After spending much of last week's screening of Kino Bambino either chasing my son or sat watching the film on the aisle floor of the cinema I decided against watching a Danish crime film this week... I'm sure it was a great film but subtitles and crawling around don't mix amazingly.  Instead I turned to my old friend Netflix and chose to watch a film called Saftey Not Guaranteed.
This film is about an intern Darius, a magazine writer Jeff and another intern Arnau investigating the man behind an intriguing classified advertisement.  The advertisement is requesting a companion to go time travelling with; however, upon finding the identity of this man Jeff approaches him to be rebuffed, as he is not right for the job. 

Jeff encourages Darius to approach instead and she manages to connect with Kenneth as she is more on his wave length.  Kenneth trains Darius on the combat skills she will need when time travelling as Jeff tries to reconnect with an old flame and Arnau avoids Jeff's insistence that he lives.

I quite liked this film as it wasn't an over the top comedy or extremely kooky rom-com just a film about flawed people opening up to each other and having faith in time travel.  It's not a laugh out loud comedy but it has daft moments to raise a smile like rubbish training montages and people pretending to not be in a car whilst driving. I would've liked a bit more time travelling but I don't think there was the budget for that. 

I don't think that this is a film I'd want to watch over and over again but it is definitely one of the nicer things to watch on a Monday afternoon.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Movie Monday: Two Days One Night.

This weeks film was another Kino Bambino film at the Showroom called Two Days One Night.
This was a French film with English subtitles about Sandra's up hill fight to keep her job by asking her colleagues to give up their bonuses, ensuring that their company has the budget for her salary.  The film follows her, as a colleague and her husband convince her to fight to try to change her other workmates minds about their bonuses after they have previously been convinced to vote against her by their foreman.

Along the way she encounters workmates ashamed to have voted against her, colleagues in similarly difficult situations to herself and others who are violently opposed to her request. This is not the most cheerful of films particularly if you have been through redundancy procedures in the past but it does have some more cheerful parts and shows the way people act when money is involved. This is not a laugh a minute film and in places it is quite slow paced and repetitive but it does make you think which is not a bad thing in a film in my eyes.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Life, the midlands and other things.

Recently I haven't managed to blog quite as much as I'd have liked to partly because I've been busy trying to sort aspects of my life out, which I won't bore you with the details of.  Suffice to say it took up a lot of my time.

I've also been lucky enough to get some time with my boyfriend to see a non art house film! Now I like art house films I really do but I also enjoy sci-fi, action hero films and good old fashioned explosion heavy blockbusters. What can I say? I have eclectic tastes. I've also got to be part of my friend's Mr & Mrs Goddard's wedding day, which was lovely! This was followed the next day by a trip to the midlands to see my sister in Nottingham, where I got treated to tea and then I reciprocated by accompanying her to an outdoor screening of Grease at Wollaton Hall.

Yes, of course we drank wine, ate luxury popcorn and sang along to every song.

This week has been slightly less busy; however, it has seen me and my son both fighting off a cold which I've had for over a week now. Unfortunately this has meant that whenever a writing opportunity has presented itself I've had to use it to sleep. I'm hoping to rectify this slovenly behaviour with a few more posts about films, baking and other topics that I find interesting.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Local Loves.

I've decided to write this week's local loves about my local park Richmond Park.

 It is not the biggest park or the most spectacular and it doesn't have any lakes or animal farms but it is just perfect for a stroll to get your thoughts together.
I've found these mysterious steps and wondered what they were the threshold to?
We've also begun to enjoy using the swings and playground so no doubt we'll have years more fun playing in Richmond park!

Monday, 11 August 2014

Monday Movie: Populaire.

I ended up not making it to Kino Bambino this week to watch Mood Indigo, instead I opted to watch Populaire on Netflix.

Populaire is a French film set in the fifties about a clumsy girl called Rose who goes for a job as Secretary and gets it on a trial basis.  At the end of the trial her boss asks her to take part in a speed typing competition and in order to keep her job she applies but doesn't win. Undeterred her boss decides to be her coach and moves her into his house to over see her practising.

Basically if you've seen My Fair Lady you will see slightly more modern parallels here with added training montages. I guess it could be seen as a cross between My Fair Lady and the Karate kid but really it's a rom com with rose tinted glasses on (excuse the pun!)

This is a nice film which although slow moving in parts is fun to watch with characters I actually like and empathise with an improvement on last week's film!

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Tea and travels...

This week I've been a bit quieter on the blogging front than I had intended as I decided it was time to go for a little holiday.  So I ended up spending much of Tuesday planning my trip and doing a little bit of novel writing and tea drinking. This was followed by mad packing on Wednesday and heading to the north west to visit relatives before heading onwards to the wilds of Wales. (Well Flintshire at any rate!) On Thursday we decided to sample the delights of Llandudno and enjoyed ice cream on the beach.

Once we had done playing on the beach and strolling along the promanade (whilst avoiding thieving seagulls) we headed back to our travelodge before visiting more family members on the way back east on the Friday.

I also failed to blog yesterday as I was busy trying to stop sheep attacking eating the picnic me and my friends were having at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, going for a walk then returning home before enjoying yet more tea with Paul's family and my son.  It's a hard life being social isn't it! Now it's time to drink a tad more tea and get cracking on my novel again whilst the baby slumbers... adios for now!