Sunday, 19 May 2013

Favourite Tradition. Blog Everyday in May.

I'm not really much of a traditionalist to be honest and I find this topic quite challenging.  When I was younger tradition was a big part of my life every Sunday we went to church and had a roast dinner afterwards, most Saturdays in the summer were spend watching my Dad playing cricket and every Christmas we sang along to a Disney sing-a-long carols video.  Now I'm older I don't do any of that.  For a few years me and Paul watched or attempted to watch The Hogfather on Christmas Eve although we often fell asleep near the end as it's quite long.  Last year we gave it up as a bad job and watched Avengers instead... I have stumbled upon another tradition though and one that is quite easy to follow, this is having a cupcake at the roller derby.

This is quite a nice tradition as it blends two things I enjoy roller derby and cake! It's also quite an easy tradition to uphold too, all you need to do is go to a roller derby bout, buy a cupcake (or two) sit down and consume said cupcake whilst cheering your team. Something that will not be repeated again is having chips at a bout... this is quite messy. So that is my accidental but current favourite tradition.

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