Tuesday, 30 July 2013

More maternity dresses...

Whilst sorting shopping for my impending new arrival my Step Mum stumbled upon this rather nice navy blue and white heart shaped polkadot dress and decided to treat me.
It's very cute and fits well so obviously I'm pleased with it and hope to put up a picture of me wearing it soon! Here is the Red Herring Maternity dress I got from Paul's sister for my birthday which is lovely, light and lose perfect for sweltering summer days!

This is the Red Herring Maternity Dress my Mum bought for my birthday.
This is a bit smaller and has a lining so it's nicer on warm but not roasting days, it makes me feel a bit like a 50s lady in a stylish rather than oppressed sort of way.

These dresses along with the ones in my previous posts and a few loose fitting/ larger pre-pregancy dresses have been my wardrobe for the past month and a half as I try not to burst into flames at the mearest glimpse of sunshine!  I hope this was worth the nosey!