Sunday, 23 August 2015

A bit of baking.

Things have been quiet here recently as I've been working, procrastinating on the novel, dabbling in skating, keeping fit and baking as well as the normal child raising malarkey.

Here's a few pictures of recent bakes.

I felt the knead urge to make bread and experiment with pizza rolls.  The pizza rolls made with pizza dough were rubbish though so I need to find a better recipe. (Although I ate them all so they couldn't have been that bad... or I could be a human dustbin!)

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Quick catch up!

For the last month or so I have been away from my blog by accident more than design.  I've enjoyed treats and socialising with friends a little more than normal.
My cats turned 5! How did that happen!

Thanks for the birthday chicken Mummy!

 The weather hasn't been amazing every day but that's ok.

Post park picture - it rained unexpectedly.
I've also tried experimenting with overnight oats and while this looks pleasing it doesn't actually work like this you have to mix it all together for the moisture to soak into the oats. Not one of my cleverer moments....
 We also acquired a new vehicle and a few golf balls.
 As well as venturing out to the main stage at Tramlines to catch a few acts.

I also met my sister Sarah, friends Tom B and Charlotte to celebrate their birthdays, saw The Dandy Warhol's at the Leadmill and had a belated birthday meal in Nottingham with my sister.  So I guess there hasn't been loads of time to blog!

I'm currently still working on the first draft of my second novel Time for Tea and have passed the 57,000 word mark.  There's still loads to do but it's getting there. 900 more words and I'll have written as many words on this as my last novel! (Which will never see the light of day.)

So this is just a virtual wave to say I'm still here busily trying to carve a niche out for myself.