Monday, 13 May 2013

Go Green! Blog Everyday in May.

I've always thought of myself as a relatively green person, maybe not green fingered as my sadly deceased cactus would attest to... In some respects I like to do what I can to be green by using public transport rather than my car for most journeys. (I'm one of those weird people who enjoy bus journeys because I can spend them catching up on twitter, I can read my book or just people watch on them.)

I also like to do my bit recycling. Well, like maybe an overstatement! I tend to recycle any unwanted paper, cardboard, plastic and tetra packs that maybe lying about my house.

Obviously I could do more for the environment I did go through a stage of composting my waste food and I plan to start this again in the future.  I also like the idea of up-cycling clothing but as I'm no great seamstress I generally decide that any clothes I no longer want should be given to a charity shop to be purchased by someone else.

I always welcome ideas about how to be greener and any suggestions would be appreciated!

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