Monday, 16 May 2016

Saw a band...

I saw a band!
Or two or three... I went to Bungalows and Bears on Thursday night to watch Yak but also saw Femur and another band whose name escaped me but vaguely reminded me of the Primitives and Stone Roses.

I thought I would mention this as sadly seeing live music has become a bit of a rare thing since becoming a parent but at least it's still something I can do every now and then. That's the end of that public service announcement.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Best laid plans...

So I thought it might be a good idea to sign up for the blog everyday in May challenge that I do every year but for some reason this year I haven't been able to blog anything.  Not one thing.
A new hair cut selfie that I considered posting on the 1st.

For some reason every time I sit down to write or draw for the blog all of my ideas make a run for it.  I'm hoping to change that but so far this is it. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get chance to come up with something a little more exciting.

Sunday, 13 March 2016


So I've lost my writing mojo a bit at the moment.  It's a bit disappointing but I am hoping that I'll be able to rediscover the joy in it soon. Until then I still feel the need to do things and not just look at the internet or television so I've tried my hand at adult colouring books, I got a couple for Christmas.
The problem is trying to colour in the lines might soothe some but it kind of irritates me, I enjoy ragging a crayon across a blank sheet with my toddler but this doesn't make me zen.  Drawing on the other hand I quite enjoy.... here are a few things I've drawn recently.

Tux with a crazy eye!

Toddler bear reading Doctor who comics.

Clara with Dylan doodles.

Pizza gluttony doodle.

I've debated trying to do a doodle everyday to practise my drawing skills/ as a kind of meditation but I'm not great at doing something everyday.  Watch this space it might happen or I might return to my writing! Anything could happen!

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Further adventures...

So Christmas has been and gone.  I was spoiled with lots of lovely goodies including some of my favourites: books!

The lurgy keeps rearing it's ugly head and infecting us in waves.  It made January a lot more boring challenging than we'd have liked but we survived! (Ok it was only the fifth disease/flu/a cold/random viruses but it wasn't great.) Obviously the cats had to join in the fun for their annual boosters. Muwahahaha!

I've also had the pot removed from my thumb, been given some physiotherapy exercises and allowed to do a few more things.  Not skating yet, the doctor advised me to hang fire a little longer and be more careful. That's pretty tricky when learning how to skate for roller derby... so I'm listening and buying more protective pads soon.

I'm also looking forward to lots more baking, excursions, my 30th later in the year and a good friend's wedding.  It's going to be a great 2016!