Friday, 17 May 2013

Journey to work. Blog Everyday in May.

So this one is a bit of a funny one as I documented my journey to work when I did a day in the life in one of my previous posts... most days by journey is the same I get up, get ready leave the house, walk down the road past a few shops and the fishpond to the bus stop.

 Then get on a 25 bus into town. Sadly the bus isn't as exciting as getting a mini train in Cleethorpes or an open top bus in New York...

Then I tend to wave Paul by as he gets off the bus three stops earlier than me and then get off the bus at another part of town down behind the Moor and just down from Debenhams, then I walk up a slight incline to Division street and my work.  Occasionally I get off the bus with Paul and walk up past the theatres and leave him at the town hall.
Not that bit but that's quite a nice picture of it... then I dodge a big issue seller walk up past Barkers Pool and along Division Street to work.  On very rare occasions I decide it's a good idea to drive to work; however, I soon change my mind when I'm crawling along in traffic! So that's a brief glimpse of my journey's to work.  One day I might even be fool hardy enough to try walking there, today is not that day and I don't think Monday is that day either!

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