Sunday, 20 December 2015

Another update.

Sooo it's been a while! It's not that I've been ridiculously busy although there have been moments I suppose... since my last post I've tried and failed at Nanowrimo again, started roller derby pre-minimum skills practice, worked, baked, danced and parented.

After Roller Derby practice.
Roller derby is hard work! It requires lots of fitness, running and jumping to warm up then lots of skating skills to master. It requires lots of kit: mouth guards, wrist guards, knee pads, elbow pads and of course roller skates. I started out with ok/the wrong gear and am slowly getting better things.

Old mouth guard.
New mouth guard.
I am finding it great fun, learning new things like cross overs, jumping on skates and transitions as well as it being a good form of exercise.  I've been trying to keep fit and healthy for a while now with differing degrees of success.

 So I've also been sporadically doing work outs around roller derby practice, as well as a little baking.

The end of November and start of December was busy with Christmas do's, leaving parties and club nights, so I got to wear sparkly things! I also had to fix the gutters, car and kitchen tap so  I've been a tad skint!

Unfortunately it doesn't look like I'll be doing much skating or baking for the next month or so as I have broken my thumb.  Luckily it is Christmas and there will be plenty of nice things to eat without me adding to them! I'm just hoping that I don't lose too much fitness by the time my thumb has healed.  Still at least there's a new Star Wars film to watch and a few weeks of work to look forward to.  (I'm going to see it on Tuesday.)
So if I don't post between now and then have a very Merry Christmas!