Saturday, 4 May 2013

Five Fave Blogs - Blog Everyday in May.

Now on my blog list there are over 30 blogs that I have decided to follow and I have an inkling that when May is over that this will have increased to over 40... (Blog everyday in May is good for providing inspiration but also for introducing me to new distractions!)

One of the blogs that I started reading before I started You'll get what you're given, is a site called Domestic Sluttery which describes itself as a Home and Lifestyle Blog for women with better things to do. (That's all of us right?!? Heh heh heh!)  It's chock full of pretty dresses, home wear, gift ideas, travel guides and recipes.  You've been warned!

Another blog that inspired me to join the world of blogging is Make Do and Mend I enjoy reading about Laura's weekends, travels and the films she watches.

I also enjoy reading the Tragedy Series and I know that sounds awful to say... but this series of pictures of lamentable situations often occurring in some past time does provide some much needed amusement to me.

I also find the Cake Wrecks blog amusing and educational. (This is how I found out about gender reveal cakes for people expecting babies!) When it isn't too traumatising...  baby shower cakes I'm looking in your direction! They also do a lovely Sunday Sweets section of good cakes to partly balance out all the wrecks.  This one isn't always work friendly.

Lastly and by no means least is Elizabeth's blog Rosalilium with her challenges and recipes.

Thinking about my favourite blogs reminded me about others that I love and makes me think I should do another blog recommendation day soon for those blogs that I enjoy but didn't quite make the cut this time.  All that's left to say is happy Star Wars Day May the 4th be with you!

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