Monday, 20 May 2013


The prompt for today's blog post is to write about something that's been in the news today and the thing that's caught my eye is the fact that it looks like gay marriage maybe getting legalised in the UK. (About time!)

Personally I only think this is a good thing as it seems unfair to limit who can get married to heterosexual couples.  Part of me thinks this is because I've always wanted life to be fair for everyone and in all my favourite books, films and TV show the biggest battle has always been the one to get everyone the right to co-exist in harmony.

Then again I'm a big hippy at heart!  (Also it appears to be ripping the Conservative party to pieces and revealing them as the nasty party which is a good consequence in my eyes!)

What have you been reading about in the news today and what are your opinions on it?

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