Sunday, 5 May 2013

Fit and Healthy - Blog Everyday in May.

So becoming my pregnancy my fitness regime mainly consisted of doing ab curls with a drink in my hand...
...or rather one in both hands! (I kid honest!!!) I'll readily admit to not being as fit and healthy as I'd like.  Last year I enjoyed having a go at hula hooping in my work Olympics themed sports day and taking part in a family sports day my Dad dubbed the Bradway Olympics.

As well as the occasional swimming session, bollywood and belly dance lessons.

This year I haven't managed to get to any dance classes and have only been swimming a handful of times.  I don't feel massively unfit but I can feel my fitness levels ebbing away the less I do.  On second thoughts, swapping cocktails for cupcakes may not be the brightest idea I've had...

Also as I am currently great with child I'm trying to eat healthily and I mostly seem to manage to drink some fruit juice and either some fruit or vegetables each day.  (I know this isn't the best diet.)  Some weeks are easier than others as my tiredness hasn't quite gone but it is helping that the baby seems to really like to eat salads, roasted Mediterranean vegetables and strawberries...
I've been trying to keep some of my fitness up by going for little walks on my lunch breaks, taking the stairs instead of the lift at work and going swimming when possible.  In the future I hope my energy levels increase so I can go swimming more and restart my dance classes.  You never know I might even have ago at pregnancy yoga or aqua-aerobics if I can find the time!

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