Monday, 4 May 2015

Blog Everyday in May - day 4. Guilty pleasures. #BEDM

I must admit that I'm not a very cool person, in fact I'm a bit geeky. (Although I wouldn't go so far as to say that I'm a nerd as I'm not interested in binary code...) I don't tend to think of myself as having guilty pleasures as life is too short! I readily admit that I enjoy Doctor Who and Star Wars. I prefer my entertainment to be fantastical or action packed so there are only a few things that I watch that buck this trend like Sex in the City or Revenge.

Musically I have reasonably eclectic tastes and mainly enjoy listening to Indie-pop, rock and a bit of motown/soul.  That said I quite enjoy a few chart acts like Meghan Trainor and that Bills song by Lunchmoney Lewis.

I think I have more guilt about the food I eat than the films, tv or music I enjoy.  I think this is true of most people.  It's not that I diet or obsess over it I just know that eating a block of marzipan is wrong yet it doesn't stop me wanting to... or knowing that I ate Marshmallow Fluff from the jar when I was pregnant.  Lets just say I'm not surprised that my son loves sweet food.  Another guilty pleasure of mine that at least has vegetables in it is baked aubergines, which is a guilty pleasure as it has two balls of mozzarella in it. Yum!

I also really like cake, cookies, donuts and scones but I am trying to eat healthier now partly because my metabolism won't let me pig out any more but also because I want to teach my son healthy habits.  It's hard but sometimes when I crave chocolate and have an apple instead I find myself really enjoying the apple. (Sometimes I want an apple but my son takes it right out of my mouth!)  With guilty pleasures I think everything is good in moderation, want that donut then eat it! Just don't eat it if your bored make a cup of tea or change tasks instead.

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