Friday, 1 May 2015

Blog everyday in May 2015: day 1 introduce yourself. #BEDM

 It's that time of year again... hay fever season... I mean the blog everyday in May challenge time! I thought it might me fun to have ago at blogging everyday to procrastinate away from novel writing get into better blog writing habits.  The blog a day challenge is nice because there are suggested topics to follow everyday but I may have to deviate away from some of them to other things I might actually be able to write about... more sci-fi than beauty I think!

Anyway, the topic suggestion today is introduce yourself, so here goes. 
I'm in my late twenties, I work part time for a Sheffield based company and I live with my boyfriend, 19 month old son and two cats.
Frankenstein enjoys being photographed.

I have a lot of interests like playing guitar/ukulele, baking, dancing, sewing, reading and hula hooping which I try to pursue in my bounteous free time. Ha ha ha! I also like to watch my local roller derby teams play and took my son with me to their October bout.
Go team!

We've also been to art galleries, rock climbing groups and day time gigs together as well as the swimming baths, cafes, restaurants and cinema...

On maternity leave I decided to treat myself and dye my hair blue, I also tried green and purple but have settled on blue for the time being as it makes me feel like a comic book character. Once upon a time I would've liked to have looked like a 1950s pin up but now I would rather look like a superhero as I feel like one some days.

So that's a bit about me.  I could babble on about independent films and music, trying to learn Spanish from an app or coding from a website or the many parenting lessons I've learnt since 2013 but I won't. The night is here and my bed beckons with promises of sleep and dreams. Good night!

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