Sunday, 3 May 2015

Blog Everyday in May - day 3 Silly Sunday! #BEDM

So the topic today is supposed to be self care Sunday but I have actually spent today eating buns, bacon butties, chocolate and ramen so I'm not sure if that counts as self care.... It was fun! Although the ramen eating was occasionally interrupted by my toddler trying to feed me some of his breaded sweet potato and butternut squash cake. (I didn't resist very hard.)
I did do a few star jumps after the chocolate mainly because it entertains the little one.  Anything for a laugh, eh?  Thankfully there is no photographic evidence of that but here are a few other whimsical and silly pictures.
The animals have the draining board.
It's not freezing here honest!
Much prettier than mugs and glasses...
I hope that you have had a good Sunday too and managed to at least contemplate relaxing.

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