Friday, 15 May 2015

Blog Everyday in May day 15 photography - #BEDM

 It's pretty obvious that I'm no photographer although I do take at least one or two pictures most days I don't tend to share most of them on my blog as they are nearly all of my son.  (My long suffering family members are the only ones those pictures are inflicted on!)  Occasionally I consider adding pictures of him where you can't see his face but then end up in a moral quandary so I have decided against doing that on all but the rarest occasions.  I might put pictures up of him when he gets older if he gives his consent but as he hasn't quite got the hang of sentences longer than three words, that's still some way off.

The above photos have been taken using my mobile phone as most of my pictures are but I do have a compact digital camera which I hope to use more often in the future. Watch this space!

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