Saturday, 2 May 2015

Blog Everyday in May: day 2 - adventure. #BEDM

When I was a child I loved the idea of adventure and excitement possibly due to living in the suburb of a town sandwiched between two cities. Nothing interesting seemed to happen there so I liked to dream about dinosaurs, time travel and swashbuckling heroes.  I went through phases of idolising King Arthur, Marty McFly, Indiana Jones, Robin Hood and Peter Pan... I'm not sure why but I never imagined being a princess or bride or anything.

Later I started reading and hoped foolishly to get to Narnia one day... then I enjoyed the escapades of the Famous Five and Secret Seven before moving on to Harry Potter, The Dark is Rising and the Earth Sea Quartet.
Now I'm older I realise that maybe being in a fantasy novel might not be the best idea I've ever had, especially not Game of Thrones or Gormenghast! These days with the help of a little film called UP I realise that there isn't just one type of adventure.

I would love to have a grand adventure exploring the world and experiencing different sights and cultures.  This is not a dream I plan to give up on but it may not be possible to travel the world for a few more years... I may have to stick to the corner of the northern hemisphere with occasional excursions to the south of Spain and parts of the British Isles.

 The other adventure I have is the big adventure of buying a house with my partner Paul and living in it with our cats while trying to raise our son.

I guess it's easy to think of travelling as being the epic scary adventure and general day to day life as being humdrum but life isn't that simple... you get challenging situations everywhere in Sheffield or Shanghai!  For now my planned adventures miniature steam trains, farms, polling stations, public transport and Ryanair.

What are you adventure plans?

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