Monday, 1 September 2014

Movie Monday: Two Days One Night.

This weeks film was another Kino Bambino film at the Showroom called Two Days One Night.
This was a French film with English subtitles about Sandra's up hill fight to keep her job by asking her colleagues to give up their bonuses, ensuring that their company has the budget for her salary.  The film follows her, as a colleague and her husband convince her to fight to try to change her other workmates minds about their bonuses after they have previously been convinced to vote against her by their foreman.

Along the way she encounters workmates ashamed to have voted against her, colleagues in similarly difficult situations to herself and others who are violently opposed to her request. This is not the most cheerful of films particularly if you have been through redundancy procedures in the past but it does have some more cheerful parts and shows the way people act when money is involved. This is not a laugh a minute film and in places it is quite slow paced and repetitive but it does make you think which is not a bad thing in a film in my eyes.

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