Monday, 15 September 2014

Movie Monday: The 100 Foot Journey.

I saw this film advertised when I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy and was pleased when I realised that it was being shown at Kino Bambino. The last Kino Bambino me and Dylan would be allowed to attend no less!

The 100 Foot Journey is about the fortunes of wannabe chef Hassan and his family, guided by their business minded father. They experience tragedy in India and flee hoping to restart their restaurant up elsewhere.  After deciding against settling in England they travel Europe and accidentally find the site of their new restaurant in France opposite an existing Michelin star restaurant. Obviously the owner of the established restaurant is not keen on this and a tit for tat campaign ensues between the restaurant owners, as Hassan learns how to cook French food from one of the other restaurant's sous chefs.

This is only half of the story the rest focuses on Hassan's career as an up and coming chef and how his friends and family feel about this.

When I saw the trailer for this film I expected a nice heart warming tale about French and Indian food so it didn't disappoint in that respect; however, I must admit I didn't enjoy the second half of the film as much. While it was good to see Hassan develop as a chef and character I couldn't derive as much enjoyment out of it as the action of the start but that is probably because I didn't really get chance to sit down and enjoy the end as I was chasing after my son and trying to stop him dismantling the cinema. (Did you know you can just lift the light bulbs out of the little lights on the stage in front of the screen?!? I do now...) It was a nice inoffensive film with a few chuckles but no great big belly laughs but not a bad way to end my days of taking my baby to the cinema on maternity leave though.

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