Monday, 8 September 2014

Monday Movie: Saftey Not Guaranteed.

After spending much of last week's screening of Kino Bambino either chasing my son or sat watching the film on the aisle floor of the cinema I decided against watching a Danish crime film this week... I'm sure it was a great film but subtitles and crawling around don't mix amazingly.  Instead I turned to my old friend Netflix and chose to watch a film called Saftey Not Guaranteed.
This film is about an intern Darius, a magazine writer Jeff and another intern Arnau investigating the man behind an intriguing classified advertisement.  The advertisement is requesting a companion to go time travelling with; however, upon finding the identity of this man Jeff approaches him to be rebuffed, as he is not right for the job. 

Jeff encourages Darius to approach instead and she manages to connect with Kenneth as she is more on his wave length.  Kenneth trains Darius on the combat skills she will need when time travelling as Jeff tries to reconnect with an old flame and Arnau avoids Jeff's insistence that he lives.

I quite liked this film as it wasn't an over the top comedy or extremely kooky rom-com just a film about flawed people opening up to each other and having faith in time travel.  It's not a laugh out loud comedy but it has daft moments to raise a smile like rubbish training montages and people pretending to not be in a car whilst driving. I would've liked a bit more time travelling but I don't think there was the budget for that. 

I don't think that this is a film I'd want to watch over and over again but it is definitely one of the nicer things to watch on a Monday afternoon.

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