Sunday, 11 November 2012

How not to write a novel: NaNoWriMo day eleven.

Today started a little later than expected but pleasantly as Paul brought me breakfast in bed.

When I eventually came around I got up and started writing and managed to knock out about 1,000 or so words before having a short break to sort out the house a little writing another few thousand words and going shopping.

After returning and playing freezer jenga, wherein you balance half the contents of the freezer around the edges of the open freezer, insert nine pizzas then try to shove everything else back in.

Then I had a cup of tea and some stolen Soreen. (Sorry Mum!) Got cracking on my writing again for an hour before starting to make my tea, a lovely Moussaka...

If you've ever made this you know it's not the fastest meal but on the plus side it makes loads! So guess what I'm having for tea tomorrow and my lunch the day after that...

I fitted in a few hundred more words when the Moussaka cooked in the oven and then finally managed to edge up to and then beyond my word count just after lunch. Brilliant!

OK, maybe I only managed to write 41 words more than my target word count but every little helps right?

So I'm starting the week on a word count of 18,374 and am hoping not to slip off target when I go back to work tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

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