Saturday, 3 November 2012

How not to write a novel: day three of NaNoWrimo.

Today was a day started full of good intentions!

I didn't have a lie in or a great deal of plans other than some nice company at lunch so I thought I might be able to beat my all time record of four thousand words in a day.

This was not to be the case...

I dropped Paul off at work, got home, washed some pots put the washing on jumped in the bath and then I spent far too long in the bath.

When I got out I thought there's still some time left so I wrote a bit of a review I was writing then wrote a bit of the novel before checking what the time was.  It was then that I realised it was nearly guest arrival time so I finished the rest of the pots and started to prepare the food.

After a nice lunch and a chat with my guests they left and I took Paul for some trainers, something I hadn't realised was on the itinerary... then trainers bought dropped him at the pub and finished that review off.

It was probably then I got the washing out of the machine and checked into procrastination station... looking at the Internet, checking Facebook, updating my word count every hundred or so words. It went slowly then I saw the time and went to pick Paul up from the pub but we got chatting and before we knew it the night was quite late!

So I whisked him away, got a takeaway then watched Stargate Universe and decided to call it a night.

Surely tomorrow has to go better?

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