Tuesday, 30 August 2011

52 Recipe Challenge - Week 9.

This week I tried two recipes for a couple of curries, part of my on going Indian food/ curry obsession. I would eat it everyday if I could! Unfortunatley with the excitement of the impending house move, a new phone and the bank holiday I comitted the cardinal blogging sin.... I didn't take photos of the dishes I made!
I followed this recipe for Bhindi Bhaji's which went ok but was not as nice as those I tried at Mangala on Spital Hill.

I  also found somewhere which sells Paneer at last, (well two places to be exact) so I got to try Matter Paneer.  I vaugely followed this recipe but didn't use the leeks, shallots, salt, pepper or sugar and substituted the oil for ghee. I've been working on my version of this recipe for Now Then Magazine, fingers crossed they'll accept it!

Next week I'll try harder to put some pictures up or my recipes and not scoff all my food first! That's if I don't lose my laptop in the move...

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