Tuesday, 9 August 2011

52 Recipe Challenge Week 6 – the return of the roulade!

Last week I tried to make a vegetable roulade from: The Classic Vegetarian Cookbook last week but unfortunately it ended in disaster.  I had hoped to make it again in the middle of last week and post the results and recipe as my official blog post but I didn’t manage it. The disastrous looking roulade actually tasted lovely heated in the oven and I have tried this recipe once more, this time without it collapsing. The presentation still won’t win me any Michelin stars but it’s the taste that is important anyway!

The vegetable roulade I made was a recipe from: Rose Elliot’s The Classic Vegetarian Cookbook and was a Gruyere and Red Pepper Roulade.

To Make this recipe you need:

185g Cream Cheese
150ml Single Cream
4 Eggs
200g Cheese ( I used 170g Gruyere & 30g Cheshire)
4 Red Peppers
Some Butter for greasing paper
A bit of parmesan for sprinkling.

Firstly I preheated the oven to Gas Mark 6 or 200c and lined my roasting tray as it was the biggest tin I had. Next I cut out and greased the non-stick paper and sprinkled some parmesan on it.

I then put the tray to one side and mixed the cream cheese and cream together then separated the eggs into  egg whites and yolks in two bowls. When I separated the eggs, I added the yolks to the cream mixture one at a time. 

Once I did that I grateed the Gruyere and Cheshire cheese into the mix and stirred it in.

The next thing I did was to whisk up the egg whites, the first time I did this I used a hand whisk until they were quite frothy and my arm was aching. 

The second time I did this I used my food processor’s whisking attachment which took 2 minutes and did the job properly... you can whisk them either way they just need to be frothy and not runny but or too stiff.

Once I whisked the egg whites I gently folded them into the cream and cheese mixture.

When the egg whites are combined with the cream and cheese mixture I poured it in the tin I prepared and put aside earlier and put it in the oven for 12 – 15 minutes until it had risen a bit and has become firm rather than runny.  Whilst this it in the oven I cut a piece of non-stick paper big enough for the roulade to go on and sprinkled parmesan on it.  When the roulade base had cooked I turned  it out on to that piece of paper.

After doing this I to cut my peppers into quarters and grilled them until the skins start burning and bubbling.  Once this happened remove I them from the grill and let the cool, then chopped off the stalk and removed seeds and peeled them the skin off them.  (This took a long time...)

Once I peeled the peppers, I spread spread the remaining cream cheese on the roulade base, then covered it with peppers.

After I did this I rolled it up like a swiss roll and the vegetable roulade was complete and ready to eat.

This is not the easiest recipe to follow with the separating of eggs and peeling of peppers. It has felt like it was cursed at points, the first one tore apart when rolled because I used greaseproof not non-stick paper which the roulade base stuck to and made it thinner. When I tried making it the second time I cut my thumb opening the non-stick baking paper I bought.

Despite this it tastes gorgeous but be warned if you fancy making this peeling peppers takes quite a long time!

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