Tuesday, 2 August 2011

52 recipe challenge update week 5...

I've been trying a new recipe every week for the last month and this week I had planned to do a rather interesting recipe from a Vegetarian cookbook I bought in a charity shop about three or four years ago.

The plan was to make a nice cheese and red pepper roulade, which I have to describe to my boyfriend as a savoury swiss roll...

It looked very nice when I was planning my blog but I unfortunately it didn't work out quite as planned.  At first I was too busy as we had just got the keys to our first house, then I didn't have all the ingedients and then it went a bit wrong.

My first attempt has ended up as something of a roulade wreck... edible just not something you would serve at a restaurant. One of the reasons for this seems to be that greaseproof paper isn't the same thing as baking paper.  Who knew? Google apparently. So I'll post my next attempt after I've purchased some non-stick baking paper and report back on this recipe progress.

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