Thursday, 11 August 2011

52 Recipe Challenge - Week 6 Chilli Pork with chickpea mash.

After thinking about the last recipe I made which was lovely and rich but also contained four different types of cheese it seemed a good idea to make something a bit healthier.  This week’s official recipe is adapted from a chilli chicken recipe in a cook book called: Healthy Dishes, it’s been adapted to chilli pork because that’s what was in my freezer.

To make this recipe you need:
4 Pork loin steaks
A glug of olive oil
5 teaspoons of harissa paste
3 Garlic cloves
A tin of Chickpeas
8 tablespoons milk (rough guess)
2 teasoons cumin
2 teaspoons corriander
A pinch of salt and pepper

The first thing I did when making this recipe was to cover the pork with olive oil then cut slits into it and then coated it with harissa paste. 

Then I covered the pork and put it in the fridge to marinate for half an hour.

Whilst I did that I located my tin of chickpeas and pre heated the oven to gas mark 7/ 220c. 
When the meat had finished marinading I put it into a tin and popped it in the oven for about 25 minutes.
After doing that I drained the white wine vinegar off my lazy garlic, added it to some olive oil and then fried it.

As the garlic was frying I drained and rinsed my can of chickpeas then put them in the pan as the garlic started to stick to the bottom.  I gave it all a quick stir before adding the 4 tablespoons of milk the recipe recommended; however, this didn’t seem enough so I poured in another glug of milk and cooked them until I thought they had cooked enough to be mashed.

So when I thought the chickpea mix was cooked I popped them in my blender which whirred for a few seconds then got a bit stuck.  I prodded the mix a bit before realising that it needed more liquid before I could puree it so I added more milk. By the time it had blended into a decent puree the mash had cooled down so I returned it to the pan to heat it up and added the cumin, coriander, salt & pepper to season it.  Once the mash had heated up, the pork had finished cooking so I dished up them up and got eating.

I liked this recipe because I enjoyed the flavours and how it worked as a nice light meal, not the using every pot in the kitchen side of it...

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