Friday, 18 May 2012

52 Recipe Challenge - Week 46

This week I decided to make a tart based on a blog post I saw on Kitchen Bitching, the recipe which inspired me was this one: Onion and toasted sunflower seed tart by Panda Bear.

I say inspired because I didn't exactly follow it to the letter I didn't have all the ingredients and wanted to use a few things up in my fridge so I added them to it but the idea came from the above blog post.

To make this tart you need:

1 batch of puff pastry (I cheated and used ready roll)
1 Onion
1 Shallot
4 Eggs
1 lot of Boursin (I used this garlicy goats cheesy stuff because it was reduced at the co-op,  goats cheese would probably do as good a job.)
Half a block of Wensleydale cheese (or whatever you have in your fridge!)
300ml Greek Yogurt (as a substitute for double cream)
1 Pepper
A sprinkle of Salt and Pepper.

To start with I got my ready rolled pastry out of the fridge and rolled it over my pie dish, I squashed it into the dish and cut of the excess.  Then because my pie dish is round and the ready roll pastry was rectangular I got some of the excess and stuck it in the places where it was missing at the edges and neatened it up again by cutting off the remaining left over pastry.
 I put this in the fridge, pre-heated the oven to 200c and got out my vegetables.  I chopped up my onion first before cutting up the shallot.

I then got the wok out put some butter in it and melted that then added the onion to start cooking it after a few minutes I also added the chopped up shallot.

Whilst the onion and shallot were cooking I sliced my pepper and then popped this in the wok as well.

Next I decided to grate my Wensleydale cheese, then I covered it with some clingfilm and put it in the fridge.

I then realised I didn't have any cream and consulted Google about whether yogurt could be used instead of cream in cooking.  I wasn't entirely sure if it could or not but got some out and put it in a bowl and then realised the onion, shallot and pepper was done and took them off the heat to cool.

I double checked the recipe and realised that I had mixed up step 5 but decided that it would be ok and beat the eggs into the yogurt before mixing in half the cheese.

Next I got the pie dish out of the fridge and put some of the onion, shallot and pepper mix on the base.

Before mixing the salt and pepper, as well as the rest of the cheese into the egg, cheese and yogurt filling and pouring it on top of the vegetables that were already there. Then I got the boursin and crumbled that on top of the tart and put it into the oven for half an hour.

After half an hour the filling was done and the tart looked done but the bottom was a little soggy and my boyfriend wasn't convinced so he put it back in the oven for another ten minutes to make sure it was all cooked.

This ended up frazzling the edges but it still tasted good if you avoided the crusts! This make a great tea for two, lunch for me and a snack... I think it's a recipe I'll make again but on a weekend as it took me forever and made a few pots...

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