Wednesday, 6 June 2012

52 Recipe Challenge - week 49

For a while I've been thinking about a soup I had at a nice little cafe I discovered with one of my friends on a trip to Manchester.  The cafe was called Sugar Junction and the soup was beetroot, rubarb and ginger.

It intreiged us both and we were won over when we tried it, a few weeks later my friend posted that she has a recipe for this soup so obviously I wanted to try it and asked for the recipe.

About a month passed and could I find any rubarb anywhere? Could I eck. Finally last week I managed to get my hands on some rubarb and try Jen's soup!

To make Jen's Rubarb and Beetroot soup you will need:

1 Red Onion
4 Beetroots (not pickled)
1 Litre Vegetable stock
A sprinkle of Cinnamon
1 Carrot
1 Orange
A glug of orange juice (My addition)
A knob of ginger

To start off I chopped up the onion and fried it.

Whilst the onion was frying I washed, peeled and chopped the beetroots and then fried them with the onion.

I then put the kettle on and got my vegetable stock cubes out before adding roughly 1 litre of vegetable stock and a bit of cinnamon to the beetroot and onion.  I got this lot boiling before reducing it to a simmer whilst I worked on the other half of the soup.

I checked the recipe again and realised I needed to add the carrot so I got it out of the fridge, washed it and chopped it up before popping it in the pan.

After doing that I grated the orange, then I moved on to the rubarb which I wasn't sure if I had to peel but apparently I don't. (Hurrah!)

So once I had chopped the rubarb I stuck it in a .

Then I chopped the orange in half and tried to juice it but it didn't produce a great deal of juice so I added a good glug of some out orange juice of a carton as well.

I then cooked the rubarb and orange mixture until it mashed up.

Before combining it with the beetroot mixture and grating my knob of ginger into it. 
After I thought the flavours had combined I chucked it into my food processor to make it a bit less lumpy.

Once I'd liquidated the soup I poured it all into tupperware containers for my lunch and enjoyed my first batch the other day at work.

I was lovely, nice and tangy!  This is definately going into the repetoir!

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