Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Leftover lunches.

Last week I didn't delve into my cookbooks and pull out a recipe to try or take pictures of the new things I cooked on Christmas day. There was a spreadsheet, followed by a list and a few advisors on hand but it never occurred to me to stop for a second and take step by step pictures. I was just concerned about all the food. Mainly not dropping or burning it. Looking back that was a missed opportunity... maybe next year?! I'd have to be quite foolhardy to do that again! The food itself was great Turkey, Gammon, Salmon, Yorkshire Puddings... all the trimmings! (Except sprouts.) The only problem was there was so much of it! We had the left over roast potatoes with the remaining salmon and some of the gammon the next day, then we had to work out with the other half of the turkey we still had left.

In the end we used a quarter of it in a turkey curry, this wasn't some fancy recipe from my new Indian food cook book. Alas this was me frying off onions and  peppers, then cooking off some turkey before adding some Saag sauce from a sachet and frozen spinach. Suffice to say this didn't go very far so I added some more water in and it just diluted the flavours further. It was around this point my boyfriend came along and tried to rectify the situation by adding the last of the tomato puree and a tin of mulligatawny soup.  This made an ok curry but it still wasn't amazing.  So we covered up the copious amounts of leftovers, then the next day I stocked up on tins of chopped tomatoes and added a couple to the mix as well as another pepper and a few more spices.

This is what it looked like.  At the time we finished it I couldn't face more turkey curry so froze the lot and I had this lot for my lunch today.

Despite making the curry we still had a lot of turkey left so I ended up chopping this up and cooking it off with some chopped onion, carrots and potatoes.  I then added a gravy sauce and cooked this mixture until the carrots and potatoes were done before rolling out some ready prepared pastry and making them into pies.

These are two of them, which took us three days to eat! There is one last pie sat waiting in the freezer, it's time will come just not this week.

What did you do with all your leftovers? Or do you have any tips for preventing the accumulation of leftovers?

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