Monday, 23 January 2012

52 Recipe Challenge - Week 29.

This week’s recipe is one I made on week 28 but decided to post this week as I have been busy preparing for job interviews this week as well as working on my other blog called: Three Sixty Six Pics where I'm trying to take a picture for every day of the year.

So this week's recipe is another one from the Grandma’s Best Recipes book and is the Corned Beef Hash recipe. I promise I'll do one from another cook book next week! Honest!

To make this recipe you need:
1 tablespoon of vegetable oil
A tin of Corned Beef (I used a 200g one and the recipe suggested using 675g)
A few potatoes cut into small cubes.
1 Onion diced.
¼ teaspoon Paprika
½ teaspoon Garlic
4 tablespoon diced Jalepeno peppers
A sprinkle of Salt and pepper
2 Eggs (The recipe says poached but I just boiled and peeled them as I don’t have a poacher.)

I started off by chopping up the onion, jalepeno peppers and the potatoes first and put them to one side, before chopping up the corned beef into small cubes.

I put a pan of water on to boil for the potatoes and then put the vegetable oil in my wok with the corned beef and onions then cooked them on a medium heat for ten minutes.

When the water in the pan had boiled I added the potatoes and cooked them for about five minutes whilst I stirred the corned beef and onions. 

One the potatoes were cooked I drained them and added them to the wok with the jalepeno  peppers, garlic, paprika, the salt and pepper.

I stirred this together to mix it all in and pressed the mix down to flatten it as directed in the recipe.
I also put another pan of water on the hob to boil and carried on stirring the mixture to ensure it didn’t burn to the bottom of the wok.  Once the water in the pan next to my wok had boiled I lowered two eggs in and set my timer for six minutes.

It was probably around this time that I got distracted and wandered out of the kitchen... I was to pay for this by smelling the unmistakable burning smell shortly after. Distaster! Half the mixture seemed to have burnt but I couldn’t throw it away as it was supposed to be my tea. I got rid of the most burnt parts and added extra paprika,  salt and pepper to try to get rid of the burnt taste. From then on I kept a better eye on the dish trying to ensure that it didn’t burn again.

So I carried on stirring the corned beef hash mix and then took the eggs from the pan when the timer went off. The eggs hadn’t exactly gone to plan either, one of them had cracked itself against the side of the pan whilst cooking and looked somewhat Picasso-esque. I let the eggs cool for a moment as I removed the corned beef hash mix from the hob and dished it on to two plates trying to ensure my boyfriend didn’t get many of the burnt bits.
Hash monster!

I then peeled the boiled eggs and placed them on top of the corned beef hash to try to mimic the poached egg on the picture nest to the recipe.

I must admit it was an ok dish but I couldn’t help thinking that it was completely burnt and charred. My boyfriend told me that he enjoyed his portion, so maybe I had the misfortune of getting the lousy half.We're still in debate as to what a corned beef has acutally is as what he calls a corned beef hash is what I know as hotpot... which also isn't this! I'll have to try this again one day with more concentration and see if it can be added to my repetoire of meals.

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