Sunday, 22 March 2015

Life exactly as we know it.

Recently I have been mainly trying to rid myself and the other members of my house hold of the dreaded sniffles.  It's not been a very successful fight I believe the sniffles have the upper hand... despite this we have been having lots of fun.
I have also been working on my fiction writing when my son had been asleep, at nursery or when my partner has taken over the child wrangling duties.  It's been slow going but I've finished my first short stories in a while and am looking forward to writing more.  I've also bought tickets to Tramlines for myself and my boyfriend and look forward to doing a lot of dancing.

There's been a bit less film watching going on here but more baking so swings and roundabouts it's just a shame it's been more of the same blue berry muffins and carrot cake.  That, a little hula hooping and all the house work in the world ever! (Slight exaggeration I just hate housework...)  It has however included washing plastic balls which look quite funny on the draining board.

This week coming I plan on fitting in as much writing as I can around work and everything else going on in my life and going to the Abbeydale Picture House produce market on Saturday with he who I prefer not to name.  So that's a little snapshot of what is going on in this little corner of the world at the moment.

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