Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Leeds lunch and afternoon cakeage.

So this weekend when I wasn't busy chasing after my toddler and introducing him to the delights of fancy breads I managed to escape to another part of Yorkshire.  I somehow managed to get a bit of free time for myself and met up with my friends Heather and Beth in Leeds.

While in Leeds they took me for Indian Street food and beer at Bundobust.  It was quiet when we got there shortly after 1 on Sunday afternoon but very nice.  They serve excellent Indian food (all vegetarian) and craft beers so it would have been rude not to partake! Unfortunately I was having such a nice time I didn't actually take any pictures so you'll either have to go for yourself or I'll have to have another fact finding mission.

After stuffing ourselves with bahjis, dosas and okra fries we had a little peruse of some of Leeds stores including the rather nice Travelling Man a comic book and game shop if you are not familar with it already.

Once we got our appetites back we headed to a cafe called Mrs Atha's which was very busy but also served three different types of hotchocolate and a good variety of cakes. Again I failed here to take a picture of either the cafe or my gianormous slice of red velvet cake.  I need to have words with myself... the cafe itself had lovely food and was furnished with vintage furniture so I'd recommend it if you like those sorts of things.

Basically I had a good afternoon in Leeds eating all of the things and putting the world to rights with my friends in some very nice places.  Thanks Heather and Beth!

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