Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Who inspires you?

Back in May I tried to blog once a day as part of a challenge set by Rosalium and one of the topics which was set on one of the days was: who inspires you.  Now I thought about this back in May and at that time I didn't feel capable of answering this question.

I guess that the issue was because I don't think that there isn't just one person who inspires me.

When I was a child I wanted to do lots of different things like farming, acting, film directing and writing.  It was possibly through an addiction to Enid Blyton books that I decided to start writing stories in the first place.  Although when my short stories started to read like mini carbon copies I was encouraged to read other books....

I love reading and I used to read whatever I could get my hands on and for this reason I don't tend to pay a great deal of attention to authors lives. (Unless I've decided to write a dissertation on them and in the case of those writers that was research/procrastination...)

Over the past year I've struggled with writing whilst pregnant and since giving birth to my son trying to work out how to write around caring for him.  What has this got to do with who inspires you?  Well hold your horses I'm coming to that!

Over the last year I've struggled to find time to write anything let alone my poor neglected novels and for that reason my respect and admiration for J K Rowling has grown.  I say grown because I have enjoyed the Harry Potter books since I was a young girl and used to read some of them by the light of the street light that illuminated my the street outside my house.

When I was despairing to Paul about how I felt like I was losing myself not being able to write whilst pregnant and worrying if I'd ever write again after the baby came he reminded me about J K Rowling. Daft as it may sound but it made me feel more positive.

Now I wouldn't say that she is my only inspiration but she's probably the main famous one I have.  The rest are people you've never heard of like my family members who've persevered in the hunt for a job in their chosen career despite the difficulties they've faced, who have gone through tough times and come out stronger and more positive, those that have had a chance to adventure and taken it. As well as friends who have worked hard and are now living their dreams.

I don't think I ever really envisioned what my life as an adult would be like as a child but I know that in many ways I've probably got what many people dream of. A house, car, little family and a job which I quite like. Despite that I don't think I've quite achieved all of my dreams or grown up but I guess that I'm on my way and maybe one day when I look back that I might be able to match up to those people that inspire me.

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