Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The year that was... and the one to come!

Well 2012 has now been and gone a lot faster than I'd expected it to. It's been quite a good year for me considering that I started it jobless and then quickly found a new role at my current workplace.

 I also tried to start a photoblog with the aim of taking a photograph everyday but fell behind quite quickly.  It was a good idea and I think I'll re-try it again this year.

This was a year of baking and exercise which saw me take part in two work bake offs, I sporadically went to the work gym and did a few dance shows and improved my bollywood and belly dancing.  In July my 52 recipe challenge ended, which I also sadly didn't manage this is something I am also considering attempting to do again.  Do you think it's a good idea and what recipes would you suggest I do?

Since then I've been thinking of different things to write about and tried to keep a commentary of this years NaNoWrimo attempt going whilst I wrote.  This year I actually managed 50,000 words in a month for the first time ever which is a real achievement! Now I just need to tie up my lose ends and finish the first draft... 
Since November I've mainly been stressing about Christmas, suffering from sniffles, binge reading, snapping guitar strings, attempting to play guitar and doodling.

Now it's 2013 I'm starting to try to work out how to put my plans for this year into action. They don't involve getting published, slimming down to a size 8 or becoming Jimi Hendrix like at guitar. (Although I do keep toying with the idea of getting to the level where I could form a band with that or the Uke...) This year I'm thinking of setting myself a few challenges like blogging more at least weekly, writing everyday, trying roller skating, actually going climbing/ice skating/ playing badminton this year, dancing more, learning a song on both instruments and not beating myself up if this doesn't happen.  Those as well as planning more things like the baking club and trips to the South, Wales and Scotland if my friends will have me! Maybe if I'll play my cards right I might even start some good habits like writing 1,000 words a day. (Because 365,000 words in a year is a doable target... if I focus!)

So what are your challenges for 2013? Do you challenge me to do anything else that I've missed off this list?

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