Saturday, 22 December 2012

Simple things...

Sometimes it isn't big things that puts a smile on your face instead it can be little things like unexpected surprises.

It might just be a little extra with in your parcels or it can be something you've just stumbled upon... as I headed for a bus and found this shop where the Oasis used to be in Chapel Walk.

It's full of Sheffield made food, crafts and hand picked books! Why did I just discover this?

There's also a few slightly bigger things which have lit up my evenings.

The Tardis and a Dalek! Always good thing in my book... as well as a few other silly things such as taking part in my work's festive bake off, turkey sandwiches, lunchtime drinks, bacon butties and lunches with Paul.
 He had a pie Friday and I stuffed myself silly with a lovely tasty burger along with a generous portion of chips.... I was stuffed!

All good tasty festive fun! Now time to crack on with the marathon wrapping and house sorting session and then head out again...

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