Sunday, 18 September 2011

Five More Great Things...

I thought it was time once again to share some great things from the last few months:

Great thing number 1:
Sheffield’s second annual food festival, which was smaller this year due to council cuts but still great with stalls from local producers and restaurants including one of my favourites, Aagrah.

Great thing number 2:
Tramlines, Sheffield’s citywide free festival featuring local acts such as the Kate Jackson Group and Heaven Seventeen as well as acts from further afield such as the Ash and Los Campesinos.
I caught The Kate Jackson Group playing the Barkers Pool Nandos stage on the Friday, three years after the end of the Long Blondes Kate Jackson is still a great front woman with a formidable voice. I also managed to squeeze into a packed Bowery to catch the Dutch Uncles set at the end of the night. The next day I watched Dananananakarod on the Barkers pool stage before dancing along to the wonderful Los Campesinos. On the Sunday I finally made my way to the main stage on Devonshire Green to watch the brilliant Jonny Foreigner make the noise of five people whilst only being a three person band, after they rocked out we danced and sang along to The Futureheads. 

The Futureheads might be older than Jonny Foreigner but they know how to work a crowd.   The last act we caught of the evening was the big headliner Ash who we thought only had two hits but were surprised to find they had a good seven or eight.

Ash put on a good show rolling out hit after hit but they struggled to be as good as Jonny Foreigner or The Futureheads. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the festival and was slightly overwhelmed by the sheer number of bands playing but plan to see more next year.

Great thing number 3:
Bought our first house

This year me and my boyfriend decided to start house hunting and found a gorgeous little house we wanted to buy, so after having an offer accepted and months of negotiating we finally got the keys to our first house at the end of July!

Once that was done we got to work painting and decorating, before deciding we’d put it off enough and moved in at the start of September.

It took Frankenstein and Tuxedo a bit to get used to it...

...but now they seem just about settled.

Now the real work starts, unpacking and finding homes for all our things!

Great thing number 4:

My sister passed her driving test – Congratulations big sister!

Great thing number 5:
Finding Cake Wrecks in my local supermarket..
I’ve loved the blog Cake Wrecks for a while and find their posts hilarious so I was both pleased and disturbed when I came across these chappies in the supermarket.

So those are some great things which have happened to me and my family recently, what’s great in your world?

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