Sunday, 13 March 2016


So I've lost my writing mojo a bit at the moment.  It's a bit disappointing but I am hoping that I'll be able to rediscover the joy in it soon. Until then I still feel the need to do things and not just look at the internet or television so I've tried my hand at adult colouring books, I got a couple for Christmas.
The problem is trying to colour in the lines might soothe some but it kind of irritates me, I enjoy ragging a crayon across a blank sheet with my toddler but this doesn't make me zen.  Drawing on the other hand I quite enjoy.... here are a few things I've drawn recently.

Tux with a crazy eye!

Toddler bear reading Doctor who comics.

Clara with Dylan doodles.

Pizza gluttony doodle.

I've debated trying to do a doodle everyday to practise my drawing skills/ as a kind of meditation but I'm not great at doing something everyday.  Watch this space it might happen or I might return to my writing! Anything could happen!

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