Monday, 12 January 2015

Learning things.

It's funny how when your younger you can see learning things as a bit of a burden and a boring  exercise.  This might be because the of the educational establishment you attend, the things you learn are not engaging, the pressure to pass tests or because the difficulty of the task frustrates you.  There are many reasons I can think of but now I'm older and a bit taller if not wiser then I am starting to enjoy learning new things again.

Maybe it's because there are new ways to learn now not just copying off black boards or memorising things from a piece of paper...

Currently I am enjoying learning how to use my sewing machine to make simple items, using an app called Duolingo to learn Spanish and using the internet to learn about my child's development.

I also started learning about coding last year when I used the website Codeacademy and I hope to re-start that in the future.

Another hope I have is that I can pass on a love of learning to my child and give him lots of opportunities to develop to his full potential.

You never know, maybe he'll teach me how to play my guitar properly one day!

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