Monday, 24 February 2014

Monday Movie: Her.

I was a bit unsure about this movie when I saw that it listed in the Kino Bambino listings a few weeks ago and thought it maybe a bit surreal. Part of me thought there maybe creepy robots in it but that could have been because I knew the main character had a moustache... I can't really explain what made me think that.

However, I had a change of mind and I'm glad that I did as it turned out to be a very nice film. It was gorgeously filmed and the accompanying music was absolutely lush.  I also enjoyed the envisioning of the not too distant future with the advanced gaming that pervades your living space rather than being encased in a screen and the computers you could talk into to write.  The only trouble I had was that at times it was a quiet film, partly because people don't tend to spill their souls out loudly.  Sadly as I saw this at a baby screening with my son I did miss some of the dialogue so I may have to re-watch this film to fully appreciate it. (I keep missing crucial conversations/dialogue at the ends of films for this reason and imagining what transpired then hoping that I figured it out correctly.)

If you want a film about melancholia, artificial intelligence and the highs and lows of love in the future then this is the film for you.  If you can't stand the idea of spending a few hours observing the life of a sensitive middle aged naval gazing divorcee then steer well clear.

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