Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Happy Birthday You'll Get What You're Given!

Today marks a year since I posted my first blog post as You'll Get What You're Given!

One of my aims with this blog was to try a new recipe every week for a year and frankly I didn't manage that.  Not even close! Although I like to cook, sometimes life gets in the way and I end up falling back on take aways or tried and tested recipes.

That's not to say that the idea has been a failure the 52 recipe challenge has made me try recipes I might not have otherwise tried and experimented with new dishes.

Some were delicious and worked well, others were disastrous!

But if I never tried to make these things I would never know how to avoid these errors!

So whilst the 52 recipe challenge hasn't gone entirely to plan I think that's ok.

It's been a funny year, since I began to write this blog I bought a house, moved in, tried to write a novel... I've written 54,275 words so far. (No, you can't read it I'm afraid it's for my eyes only!)

My job situation changed from commuting to work, then getting made redundant and having the opportunity to find a lovely job nearer to home.

I've had a few recipes in Now Then magazine and review the odd thing or two for Tweeted Review.

Sometimes I also like to write odd blog posts on this about books I read, what I've been to see or have tried to do. I'm planning on keeping writing this blog about food, music, books and whatever I think is of interest, so here's to another year!

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