Friday, 30 December 2011

Festive frivolities!

This year I put a few precautions in place to ensure that Christmas and the procuring of presents wasn't too stressful, yet despite my monthly reminders starting in September it seemed to sneak up on me again.

Somehow starting my Christmas shopping on the 14th wasn't the worst idea in the world! My spreadsheet stood me in good stead to finish my shopping before Christmas eve (unlike the year before!). Finding a new Christmas tree seemed to be more difficult than buying presents in the end.

The last one was destroyed by my furry familiars last year when they were kittens. Now they still don't quite get it but they haven't completely knocked it over!

It's also been the first Christmas in our new house, that called for lots of hot chocolate & mulled wine!
We also welcomed our families in and made our first Christmas dinner from scratch including roasting a massive turkey!

It was a bit of a learning curve but we don't appear to have food poisoned anyone!
This year was also the first year I made a Christmas cake without the help of my Mum but it did come from a ready weighed packet.

(Me and Paul have been working out way through this since Monday...) As well as my first attempt to make Rocky Road with the help of my Step Mum Adele.

It's lovely because it tastes of chocolate and ammareto!  We were also lucky to have lots of generous friends and family.

They provided me with, (amongst other things) four more cook books to experiment with and enjoy!

One of them even came with accessories/ spices!

Thanks: Mum, Ian, Siobhan, Andy, Amanda, Gemma and Luke for these! Expect to see recipes from these books appearing on this blog in the coming weeks!

Now I'm just going to settle down with a cuppa and some cake to decide what to make next! Hope you all enjoyed Christmas as much as we did!

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